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BUPA Members First Podiatrists | Brisbane Podiatry near CBD | Woolloongabba

The Podiatry Practice is pleased to partner with BUPA, as one of only a handful of BUPA Members First Podiatrists in Brisbane. For BUPA Members this means that you can receive exceptional discounts on Initial and Standard Consultations, along with improved rebates for services such as custom foot orthoses. As is stated on the BUPA […]

Diabetic foot ulcer debridement | Podiatrist Brisbane Woolloongabba Foot ulcers due to diabetes can be very difficult to heal without an expert understanding of the role of weight-bearing pressure, wound healing physiology, blood flow and sensation in the diabetic foot. Diabetic foot ulcer debridement is a cornerstone in the management of these difficult wounds. In […]

Ele Lentakis receives Endorsement in Scheduled Medicines | Brisbane Podiatrist

The Podiatry Practice is pleased to announce that Ele Lentakis has just recently been approved by the Podiatry Board of Australia to hold Endorsement in Scheduled Medicines. Ele has now joined a growing number of Australian podiatrists, like Anthony Short, who can legally prescribe and administer a range of restricted medications to treat podiatric conditions. […]

Corn or wart? Our Brisbane podiatry clinic can assist. Painful hard lumps under the foot are easily confused; with some confusion about the differences between corns vs warts. Our podiatrists frequently get referrals from GPs who even have trouble picking the difference. Regardless, it is important to understand that these two problem are completely different […]

Toe walking in children – a guide for parents

At The Podiatry Practice in Brisbane, we often have parents bring their kids in concerned about them walking on their toes. Maybe their sister said it was ‘abnormal’ at a family gathering, or they’ve been watching for some time and noticed it’s not going away. The number 1 question – is this normal? Until the […]

Running & Hiking Preparation

With all the preparation that goes into improving fitness, nutrition and getting the right gear before a big run, it’s a wonder that our feet are so often overlooked. If ignored or not prepared for adequately a small problem on a run or hike can turn into a huge issue. If your feet aren’t in […]

HCF More for Feet Program

We are pleased to announce that The Podiatry Practice is now part of the HCF More for Feet Program! HCF members can now enjoy the benefit of an annual assessment or review of their foot condition* under this program, with NO out of pocket costs! The fees and approved rebates that apply for other subsequent […]

5 Common Walking Mistakes Which Might be Causing You Pain | Brisbane Podiatrists

When many of us think of problems associated with our gait we think about foot structure, joint quality and soft tissue function – factors largely beyond our conscious control. But could certain walking styles contribute to foot, knee, hip or back pain? The answer is yes! Read on to discover 5 common walking mistakes which […]

Healthy Habits for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition which affects the nerves in the extremities, and can lead to pain or loss of sensation. Anyone with peripheral neuropathy knows that their symptoms can present as more than just numbness in certain parts of the foot. Oftentimes, peripheral neuropathy sufferers will experience pins and needles, burning, sharp shooting pains […]