February 27, 2018

Ele Lentakis receives Endorsement in Scheduled Medicines | Brisbane Podiatrist

The Podiatry Practice is pleased to announce that Ele Lentakis has just recently been approved by the Podiatry Board of Australia to hold Endorsement in Scheduled Medicines.

Ele has now joined a growing number of Australian podiatrists, like Anthony Short, who can legally prescribe and administer a range of restricted medications to treat podiatric conditions. The process for being approved to hold this qualification is extensive, and requires a large submission to the Podiatry Board providing detailed descriptions of observation and training, along with proof of suitable experience and education.

Ele will now be able to directly assist patients by being able to do such things as providing prescriptions for antibiotics in the case of infection, sedation for pre-surgical anxiety, and appropriate pain relief following acute trauma or a procedure.