November 6, 2018

Advice on fashionable shoes for orthotics? The Podiatry Practice Brisbane can help.

Many of our patients require custom made foot orthotics to manage their lower extremity complaint. However, one of the big challenges can be to find suitable (and appropriate) footwear to use these devices in. What can be even harder is to find shoes that look fashionable and contemporary.

fashionable shoes for orthoticsOur podiatrists have been fitting shoes and orthotics for many years. We understand the challenges this can create, and we always work with you to design orthotics to match your lifestyle and footwear requirements. Here is a list of our best tips to deal with the challenge of finding fashionable shoes for orthotics:

  1. Your orthotic MUST be designed for the shoes you want to wear. This is the most critical factor. We don’t preach about never wearing high heels, or dress shoes. If you like these types of shoes (and really – they do look much nicer), then we will do our best to design a dress shoe orthotic to match this type of footwear. Sometimes it is a compromise, but if your occupation requires you to wear heels (think: flight attendant or similar), then we can make it work.
  2. Compromise A LITTLE on the shoes you want. If 160mm high heels are part of what is causing your injury or pain, then it makes sense to try and reduce this down. Not all the way, but even a 1/3 reduction in heel height can make the world of difference. Likewise, if height is causing a problem like ankle instability – look at options with ankle straps of similar to try and secure your stance and walking more effectively.
  3. Consult the experts – The Well-Heeled. Elouise Carmichael and Ele Lentakis have joined forces to create The Well-Heeled – your one stop place for advice and expertise on fashion shoes and keeping comfortable whilst wearing them. Keep an eye out for their innovative foot care solutions and advice on fashionable shoes for orthotics.