February 19, 2018

Diabetic foot problems – the forgotten complication | Podiatrist Brisbane


If you have diabetes it can often be hard to accept that this condition is doing damage to your body. Most of the the time, particularly for those with Type 2 diabetes, you don’t feel any real symptoms. You don’t feel sick or unwell, and most of the time it feels like you don’t have any real problem to deal with at all.

Unfortunately, the long term effect of elevated blood glucose levels causes significant damage to eyes, kidneys and feet. Diabetic foot complictions are often the area most forgotten or overlooked. Therefore, it is critical that regular podiatry visits become part of the team approach to managing the effects of this condition. The worst case scenario for someone with diabetes, is the potential amputation of all or part of the leg and foot due to infection, poor circulation, or an unmanageable complication.

For many patients we see it is often very difficult for them to work out who is the best podiatrist in Brisbane to see for their particular complaint. At The Podiatry Practice, we have a very high level of interest and expertise in diabetic foot complications – so you can be assured we will be able to advise and manage you on any complications diabetes might cause to your feet. The services we provide for people with diabetes range from annual screening to assess blood supply and nerve function in the foot, to active management of ulcers and wounds requiring expert wound care and offloading, and diagnosis and management of rarer conditions such as Charcot neuroarthropathy. At all times, we try and work with a range of professionals including endocrinologists, GPs and surgeons to ensure the possible coordinated care for your problem.

Charcot midfoot deformity before treatment by Brisbane podiatrist

A foot ulcer caused by Charcot joint collapse in a patient with diabetes. These are amongst the most difficult diabetic foot complications to manage.

If you have diabetes, you may also be eligible for a special Medicare referral from your GP which allows you to claim up to five visits per calendar year for podiatry consultations. Your family GP can advise you if they can assist you with an Care Plan and referral under this scheme.

If you have diabetes and live in Brisbane or surrounding localities, please contact us if you need assistance or advice about any problems you might encounter. We’re here to help.

Author: Anthony Short


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