November 2, 2018

No out-of-pocket cost additional orthotics | Brisbane podiatrists

The Podiatry Practice is committed to bringing our existing patients the best value possible for custom made orthotics.

So, if you currently have custom made Orthema orthotics from us, and you would like an additional pair then we are please to announce that we can now supply these to our patients with eligible private health insurance cover at no out-of-pocket cost*!

Most private health funds will allow an annual limit towards podiatry and orthotics. So if it has been 12 months since you last received your orthotics from us, then we are usually able to provide a 2nd replacement pair for your work or sports shoes through your private health cover, without any additional out of pocket costs.

If you don’t have private health insurance with orthotic cover, we haven’t forgotten about you. If you ever need a replacement pair of orthotics based on your original prescription, then we can supply these to you at a 50% discount on our regular custom orthotic fees.

We can only do this because of our investment in state of the art orthotic technology which allows us to mill an exact digital clone of your original prescription, something that is almost impossible to do with traditional plaster cast devices.

So if you have orthotics from us and need a 2nd pair for work, sports or even high heels – call us now to discuss how we can make these for you without any additional costs.

orthema scans and design

Orthotic scans and design

* Applies to health funds that cover at least 50% of our original fees for custom foot orthoses. If your foot or problem has changed over time (or your child has grown), then we will need to take a fresh digital scan of your feet and redesign your devices from scratch – and this offer will not be applicable.


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