Plantar plate tear | A common condition our Brisbane Podiatrists treat.

A subtle, but significant cause of pain in the bottom front of the foot is due to a plantar plate injury or tear. A plantar plate injury is just one of many causes of plantar forefoot pain, also known as metatarsalgia. The plantar plate is a fibrous ligament that connects the bottom of the base […]

Ballet flats and orthotics

For several years, ballet flats have been a very popular choice for women – either for work or play. But marrying ballet flats and orthotics together has been very difficult. The challenge has always been that ballet flats are generally unsupportive, shallow and almost impossible to fit orthotics into. Most of the time, there is […]

Happy New Year – Now let's get ready for school!

All of the staff at The Podiatry Practice would like to wish our patients all the best for the New Year. Now is the time when parents start getting to work on preparing for the new school year. Top of the list is usually school shoes. If you’re in need of advice on which shoes […]

Veterans’ Affairs and Podiatry

  For many years, clients of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) have had access to the services of podiatrists. This allows eligible clients of DVA to have podiatry assessment and treatment at no direct cost. DVA clients who hold a ‘gold card’ and a valid referral form their GP can arrange for an appointment […]

Sports Medicine and Podiatry

Following the running craze of the 1970’s, podiatrists in the USA became more actively involved in the care of sports injuries of the lower extremity – which previously had been a little understood area of health care. On the back of seminal research by authors Root, Reed and O’rien, the discipline of podiatric biomechanics came […]

How to fix cracked heels

Cracked heels can be a painful and embarrassing problem for many people. The buildup of hard, callused skin around the periphery of the heel due to weight bearing forces can become extremely uncomfortable, and when it splits and fissures – deep cracks may form which can be painful and sometimes even ulcerate. In our experience, […]

Hypermobility and its effect on the foot and leg

  In clinical practice, it is often easy to distinguish joint flexibility by categorising patients as either “too flexible”, “too tight” or “about normal”. As is usual in nature, it is the extremes of flexibility (too much or too little) that tend to cause problems, and those that sit in the middle who are less […]

Rheumatoid arthritis foot pain

Looking after rheumatoid arthritis foot pain is a frequent problem our podiatrists manage. There are many different types of arthritis, the most common being osteoarthritis – the gradual wear and tear of joints from age, injury and wear and tear. However, there is a range of inflammatory arthropathies which are mercifully far rarer – but […]

Burning feet painful neuropathy

‘Burning feet’ is a symptom that we podiatrists hear with great regularity. Often other terms are used in conjunction with this – ‘stabbing’, ‘shooting’, ‘pins and needles’ and so forth. Anyone with some medical training will immediately recognise these symptoms as being suggestive of neurological pain. One of the most common neurological disorders affecting feet […]

Top 10 Myths About Feet – A Podiatrists View

  I thought in this post we would explore some common myths and fallacies which we podiatrists often encounter day to day. Here’s our “Top 10 Myths About Feet”. 10. ‘Growing pains’ in children is normal. The term ‘growing pains’ is a misnomer, which has developed over many years describe aching legs and feet in […]