Top 10 Myths About Your Feet Exposed

  Soaking your feet in vinegar treats toenail fungus The myth: The pH level of vinegar can cure fungal infection in toenails The fact: Like most topical treatments for nail fungus (onychomycosis), vinegar will have a difficult time penetrating your hard nail plate to reach the active fungus which lies underneath in the nail bed…. […]

Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy This Summer

As the long, hot summer days approach here in Queensland, we all look forward to walking around without our shoes or showcasing brand new sandals and flip flops. While this can be one of the perks of the summer season, it can also serve as a downfall to our foot health. Problems such as cracked […]

End of Year Health Fund Reminder – Don’t Miss Out on Your Benefits

Did you know that annual health fund benefits (including podiatry and orthotic cover) reset on January 1st? Meaning that any cover you are entitled to in 2015 will not roll over into the New Year? As our busy end-of-year period approaches, we like to take this opportunity to remind our patients at The Podiatry Practice […]

Wow, this is a severe ingrown toenail!

A little while back, our podiatrists saw the worst ingrown toenail case we had ever seen. A young woman in her late 20’s came to see us at The Podiatry Practice & Ingrown Toenail Centre with severe ingrown toenail problems since her teenage years. She couldn’t wear open-toe shoes or go barefoot due to her […]

Sore knees when running? It might be your feet. | Foot Orthotics Brisbane

At The Podiatry Practice, we see LOTS of runners and sportspeople. One of the main reasons for seeing us is knee pain associated with exercise, usually around the front of the joint. The usual culprit? A badly tracking kneecap (patella). The image below shows you an x-ray of a patella which is tracking (pulling) to […]

Avoid Unsightly Fungal Nails This Summer | Brisbane podiatrists near CBD

With the upcoming open-toe season, unsightly nails can be a cause of concern for many people. At The Podiatry Practice and Ingrown Toenail Centre, we commonly see patients who are worried about the appearance of their nails. Fungal infection of the nail bed (onychomycosis) can be responsible for thickened, discoloured, deformed, brittle and even painful […]

Acne Treatment (Accutane) and Ingrowing Toenails

At The Podiatry Practice, it is not uncommon for patients to present with ingrowing toenails or paronychia while taking specific acne medications. Isotretinoin (also known as Roaccutane, Accutane or Oratane), is a drug commonly prescribed by dermatologists to treat acne. Unfortunately, the side effects of this medication tend to involve other parts of the skin […]

Avoiding Injury during the Winter Sports Season

As temperatures drop during the winter months, activities such as team sports (football, soccer, netball) and marathon training tend to heat up. Having cared for athletes and their foot injuries over many years, there are a few common injuries which we tend to see more of at The Podiatry Practice during this time.   • […]

Why you need your orthotics checked? Our Brisbane podiatrists explain why.

At The Podiatry Practice, we believe it is crucial that orthotics are checked every 12 months. Even if there have been no problems, an annual check-up ensures the orthotic prescription remains correct and enables symptoms to be controlled effectively. Orthotic review is particularly important for kids, whose prescription is also affected by growth, which may […]