Easter Opening Hours

The Podiatry Practice would like to advise all of our patients that we will be closed over the Easter weekend from Good Friday the 3rd of April, through to Easter Monday the 6th of April. The practice will re-open with normal hours on Tuesday the 7th of April. We would like to take this opportunity […]

Podiatry Services at Mater Private Hospital

Did you know, The Podiatry Practice has provided podiatry services to patients of the Mater Private Hospital in South Brisbane for over 15 years? Whether you are an existing or new patient of the practice, our podiatrists are approved and credentialed to provide foot care during your stay at the Mater Private Hospital. This includes […]

Mater Fun Run for Breast Cancer

The staff of The Podiatry Practice are thrilled to be involved as participants and fundraisers for the upcoming Mater International Women’s Day Fun Run. This is happening on Sunday the 8th March, 2015. This 5km run is to raise money for breast cancer research, and Capri, Ele, Louise, Alycia and Elouise will be participating on […]

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

The Podiatry Practice would like to advise all of our patients that we will be closed from Wednesday 24th December, and will re-open again on Monday 29th December. The practice will also be closed on New Years Day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal patients for continuing to […]

Needle phobia? Our Brisbane podiatrists can help with sedation to reduce anxiety.

No one has ever said to our podiatrists that they enjoy getting an injection in their foot. However, for some people, needle phobia is a very real and distressing concern, which may mean they avoid getting certain treatments because of a deep fear of the possibility of having an injection like a local anaesthetic. Our […]

What medications do podiatrists use?

From time to time, many foot and lower extremity conditions require treatment with medications. All podiatrists utilise over the counter medications, such as anti-inflammatories, and local anaesthetic injections as part of their daily practice. Podiatrists, such as Anthony Short and Ele Lentakis, who have undergone additional training in the use of restricted Schedule 4 medicines […]

Top 5 ways to avoid diabetic foot complications

Having diabetes is not necessarily going to always cause serious foot complications like ulcers or amputations. With a little knowledge, and a few changes to your behaviours, you can do many positive things to avoid these troublesome complications. Here’s a Top 5 ways to avoid diabetic foot complications. 1. Look after your blood glucose control. […]

Anthony Short gains Fellowship and Endorsement

In the past few weeks, The Podiatry Practice is pleased to announce that Anthony Short has been fortunate to receive two important changes to his qualifications. Firstly, Anthony was fortunate to be elected to the title of Fellow of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow. He […]

Why do corns and calluses reoccur?

Whenever skin is exposed to repetitive stress – such as direct pressure, or shear forces, it responds by either forming an acute blister, or – with time – a callus. Calluses occur frequently on the foot because of footwear and weight-bearing pressure. Calluses are more appropriately defined as hyperkeratosis – that is, a thickening of […]

Plantar plate tear | A common condition our Brisbane Podiatrists treat.

A subtle, but significant cause of pain in the bottom front of the foot is due to a plantar plate injury or tear. A plantar plate injury is just one of many causes of plantar forefoot pain, also known as metatarsalgia. The plantar plate is a fibrous ligament that connects the bottom of the base […]