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Computerised Gait Analysis – A powerful diagnostic aid Our practise utilises the latest in high-tech computerised gait analysis. The TOG GaitScan System is a state-of-the-art foot pressure assessment tool, which is linked to sophisticated software to enable us to accurately assess your foot and gait function for specific problems. This allows us to analyse the […]

Sever’s Disease | The Podiatry Practice Brisbane The most common cause of heel pain in children is due to the disturbance or damage of the growth plate at the rear of the heel bone (Calcaneus). This condition is known as Sever’s disease or calcaneal apophysis. It occurs when an increased load is placed on the […]

Medicare and podiatry – The Podiatry Practice Brisbane Many patients (and doctors!) are often confused about the arrangements for allied health services under Medicare and podiatry rebates. For several years, the federal government has run a program that provides Medicare rebates for allied health services such as podiatry. Though the name has changed over time, […]

Veterans’ Affairs and Podiatry

  For many years, clients of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) have had access to the services of podiatrists. This allows eligible clients of DVA to have podiatry assessment and treatment at no direct cost. DVA clients who hold a ‘gold card’ and a valid referral form their GP can arrange for an appointment […]

Sports Medicine and Podiatry

Following the running craze of the 1970’s, podiatrists in the USA became more actively involved in the care of sports injuries of the lower extremity – which previously had been a little understood area of health care. On the back of seminal research by authors Root, Reed and O’rien, the discipline of podiatric biomechanics came […]

Bunions (Hallux Valgus) | The Podiatry Practice Brisbane A “bunion” is the lay term that describes an enlargement and deformity of the big toe joint. The deformity arises because of a progressive dislocation of the big toe joint, which causes the toe to move towards the second toe. At the same time the 1st metatarsal […]

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