November 22, 2016

“Moonboots” and CAM walkers – immediate fitting available at our Brisbane podiatry clinic in Woolloongabba

YES! Our podiatrists do treat acute foot and ankle injuries.

I think we can all agree that there is nothing cute about acute injuries. They’re painful, sometimes unsightly and ALWAYS occur at a super inconvenient time! But don’t worry – the podiatrists here at The Podiatry Practice are here to help you through your initial injury and the rehabilitation phase as well as provide you with tips, tricks and exercises to help prevent a re-occurrence.

During the Christmas season we see many swollen ankles and bruised feet from ladies who’ve been a little too brave in their heels, kids playing just a little too rough in the backyard boxing day test, or people who have misjudged the stairs after a long lunch (no seriously, it’s called the Silly Season for a reason!) The most common acute injuries we see are ankle sprains; stress fractures – especially of the metatarsals in women who wear high heels frequently; and soft tissue inflammation.

Reese Witherspoon shows wearing a CAM Walker won’t cramp your style!

In the clinic at the Podiatry Practice we have a stock of CAM Walkers that we can use for patients with fractures and sprains to immobilise the foot and ankle while in the very early phases of the injury. You may have seen these referred to as a ‘moonboot’ but CAM stands for Controlled Ankle Movement. The advantages of the CAM Walker include allowing you to weight bear while still protecting the injury from too much stress.

So, if you do have a mishap this party season, come on in and see us and we will get you back into your dancing shoes and feeling cute as quickly as we can.


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