February 20, 2013

The Ingrown Toenail Centre

In 2012, The Podiatry Practice made the move to develop a separate service for sufferers of ingrown toenails. It had become increasingly obvious that over the past 5-10 years, we had observed a trend towards more and more patients arriving at our practice with chronic and debilitating ingrown toenails which had been left untreated or inadequately care for over extended periods.

ingrown toenail lateral left hallux

Painful ingrown toenail affecting the great toe

When we interviewed these patients, it became clear that fewer and fewer GP’s and podiatrists around Brisbane were offering relatively simple ingrown toenail surgery to these patients – despite repeated infections or chronic pain. In fact, they were often not being referred anywhere for more definitive care. In once instance, a young teenager had all but been expelled from school because he could no longer wear the requisite footwear due to chronic pain and infection. Many similar troubling examples left us compelled to offer a clearly defined service for these patients that they could seek out and access. Hence The Ingrown Toenail Centre was born.

Since that time, we have had patients visit us from across Brisbane, across Queensland, and even interstate in order to access this procedure. Please feel free to visit The Ingrown Toenail Centre website for more information about this problem, and the options available to treat it.

Author: Anthony Short


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