March 3, 2015

Podiatry Services at Mater Private Hospital

Mater Private Hospital

Mater Private Hospital

Did you know, The Podiatry Practice has provided podiatry services to patients of the Mater Private Hospital in South Brisbane for over 15 years?

Whether you are an existing or new patient of the practice, our podiatrists are approved and credentialed to provide foot care during your stay at the Mater Private Hospital. This includes both the Vulture Street and Annerley Road (Rehab) campuses within South Brisbane.

Podiatry services may include general nail care, wound management, ingrown toenail removal, diabetic foot care, management of foot pain and footwear assessment.

These services may be particularly beneficial during an extended stay, where you are unable to access out-patient care to maintain your foot health.

To arrange a visit by one of our podiatrists during your stay at the Mater Private Hospital, simply discuss your request with a member of the clinical staff or contact our practice directly on 3391 3900.


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