June 12, 2013

Mining industry foot injuries take a toll

As the coal seam gas, coal and other mining sectors have ramped up in Queensland over the past few years, we have seen a steady increase in fly-in, fly-out workers based in Brisbane who suffer from mining industry foot injuries related to this difficult work.

As all of these workers have to comply with stringent workplace health and safety requirements, it is a rare situation where mining industry workers aren’t wearing a steel cap safety boot to work every day. Although there are a few different boots on the market, anyone with a slightly wider forefoot can be prone to irritation of the toes of these shoes. Hence ingrown toenails, corns, bursitis and other complaints are commonplace with steel cap use.

Aside from footwear, the physical toll of prolonged weight-bearing and demanding work duties can lead to all types of musculoskeletal foot and ankle injuries; from Achilles tendon issues, to heel pain, stress fractures and sprained ankles. We frequently need to use foot orthoses to help heal these injuries, and prevent recurrence – allowing workers to get back on the job as soon as possible.

Sometimes, an unforeseen accident occurs leading to more serious injuries. In this unfortunate circumstance, its common to have rehabilitation under WorkCover, and we are commonly involved in these situations also.

If you are having trouble with a workplace injury affecting your foot, dealing with painful ingrown toenails, or just having trouble getting the right safety footwear to get through the day comfortably – make a time to see us when you are back in Brisbane again. If you are a Workplace Health & Safety Officer and need help with your companies’ foot injuries, feel free to contact us for help.


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